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On this website you will find all the official information concerning the new “challenge”that Montecampione Ski Area has chosen to undertake in order to give a new impulse to the whole Montecampione area, thanks to the recent recapitalization started in August 2016.

Our vision is called MISA

MISA is the acronym for Montecampione International Sporting Area: it is simple word and represents our philosophy.

MISA stands for:

M for Montecampione.
I for International, for a diversified tourism, aimed at reaching everyone, in Italy and internationally.
S for Sporting, as we want people to enjoy our mountain the whole year, pushing the Race and Training for many sports.
A for Area, to create a great mountain park.

This acronym is fast and immediate to pronounce, it expresses the vision and passion for all of the Montecampione Ski Area staff, our stakeholders, supporters and enthusiasts. People who love the mountains, spend their time there and continuously breathe the fresh air, as if they were part of them. People who believe that the mountain, in particular the one that characterizes and makes Montecampione virtually unique, is a precious resource that deserves to be enjoyed in all its aspects.

This business is based on a strong bond of personal values, friendship and loyalty, which keep together the main actors who believe in this project. Because, according to MISA style, which takes place in the new Montecampione Ski Area, our dream is to let this place gain a new impetus, in order to become a new reference point in both national and international tourism.

Madness? Maybe.

The “visionaries” that strongly believe in this path, are infectious, and with them bring to their side so many people, institutions, entrepreneurs and local subjects, every step of the way. They want to make this dream come true.

Very simple.

People in the Montecampione Ski Area who think in MISA style, and those who will be willing to support this project, want to breathe fresh, sparkling air. Like the one that our beloved mountain provides, early in the morning, as soon as you enter the woods. When you are there, you know exactly the peak you want to reach, but you just cannot see it; you also know that trying to reach it will require a great effort, so much so that you would probably want to give up a thousand times during the journey.
But if you really come to where you hoped… guys, what a view!!

A view that we just want to discover with you.

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